Bromo Malang Tour Packages From Jakarta, Bandung Cheap

| | is a Bromo Tour Package that we designed specifically for tourists who want to vacation to Mount Bromo from Jakarta. Included also with so many other unique combinations of East Java tour packages like Malang tour packages, Batu City, Banyuwangi tour packages, Surabaya City tours and other unique tourist locations in East Java.

For example, recreation such as Mojokerto tour, Lumajang tour, Jember tour, Pacitan tour, Kediri tour and so on, which can be a choice of destination and a combination of unique tour packages that we offer to you. Various tourist sites in East Java that can be an option for you, such as marine tourism, cultural and educational tours, nature tours, historical tours, adventurous tours and so on that are suitable for family, individual (private tour) or paired vacation trips, tour gatherings or company outings or group tours as well as agencies and coworkers or bromo study tours as well.

Bromo tour packages from cheap Jakarta Bandung is not wrong if you are cheap Bromo Malang tour packages as your travel destination. a lot of unique tourism potential in Mount Bromo that can be visited and made as a means of refreshing. re-invigorates the brain, by feeling the most amazing and rare natural nature and local habits of the local area. Bromo tourist attractions and surrounding areas that hits and trends to be visited besides watching the beauty of the sun coming out of Mount Penanjakan 1 is, Pura Luhur Poten, climbing to the summit of Mount Bromo where there are craters or craters that are not infrequently emitting sulfur white smoke. Then in the southern element of Mount Broo there are other unique spots like savannah jemplang meadows and teletubies hills. On the east side of Mount Bromo there is a sea of ​​sand commonly known as Whispering Sand. Good and still different tourist locations in Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park are Madakaripura Waterfall, Coban Pelangi Waterfall and usually for tourists who like camping tours are the B 29 hill, Ranu Kumbolo and of course the climbing of Semeru Mountain. The following example cheap Bromo tour packages from Jakarta.

Bromo Malang Tour Package From Jakarta, Duration Tour 2 Days 1 Night

  • Day 1: Jakarta – Surabaya / Malang – Bromo tourist attractions

Meting point at the airport / Sukarno Hatta Airport or Pasar Senen or Gambir Train Station to go to the airport or train station in Malang or Surabaya is suitable as agreed beforehand (meeting point can be directly in Malang / Surabaya). After landing in Malang or Surabaya, our teams will welcome you from the airport or train station. Then our crew will take you to the tourist attractions in Malang, especially tourism objects in Batu City. The first place to go is East Java Park 2, here you will explore 2 unique tourist locations in it namely the zoo animal museum and secret stone. Satisfied explore Jatim Park tour then proceed to picking apple tours. In the afternoon the tour continues to Omah Kayu or Paralayang Tree House. Note: Here you have 2 choices, you can choose to stay at a hotel during Mount Bromo or at a hotel during the town of Batu Malang. The trip from Malang to Bromo takes 3-4 hours of driving. So for the Bromo sunrise tour if you stay at a hotel in Batu or Malang, you have to leave for 12 hours. This tour is the same as the Bromo Midnight tour / Bromo tour package. But for those of you who are interested in staying at a hotel during Mount Bromo at dusk, you will directly go to Mount Bromo, check in to the inn and rest.

  • Day 2: Mount Bromo Tour Package 5 places – Transit Malang / Surabaya – Jakarta

Tour package to Mount Bromo opens at 03.00 in the morning. You will be picked up by using a jeep / hartop from your hotel or hotel for your stay. Then you will be taken to lead to the sunrise view point on the Peak of Mount Pananjakan 1 (the best location to watch the sunrise). From here you can watch the sun coming out of Bromo which is most famous for its beauty. After feeling satisfied with the sunrise on the climb then the tour continues to the Sea of ​​Sand or Bromo Caldera while still using Jeep vehicles. After landing in the parking center, the location is close to Pura Luhur Poten, you can rent a horse or walk to reach the top of the Bromo crater rim. Satisfied to see the symptoms of the crater and the view over Mount Bromo, the tour continued to lead to the Savana Grassland, Bukit Teletubies and finally to the Whispering Sand. Once satisfied to go around the tourist sites of Mount Bromo and surrounding areas return to the inn / hotel. Arriving at the bath inn, eat breakfast and rest. After checking out your lodging will be escorted by our team back to the airport or station in Malang. The Bromo Malang Tour Package ends from Jakarta, the duration of the tour is 2 days 1 night.

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