10 Instagramable Tourism Destinations in 10 New Bali Destinations

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Vacation places in order to release fatigue must not only have to go to Bali. There are various tourist destinations in Indonesia that can be visited to hunt for Instagramable spots. The Ministry of Tourism itself is developing 10 “New Bali” destinations to increase Indonesia’s tourism equity. we can also visit 10 destinations of “New Bali” that are no less beautiful.

The 10 New Bali destinations developed by the government are Lake Toba in North Sumatra, Tanjung Kelayang in the Bangka Belitung Islands, Tanjung Lesung in Banten, the Thousand Islands in Jakarta, Borobudur in Central Java, Bromo Tengger Semeru in East Java, Mandalika in West Nusa Tenggara, Labuan Bajo in East Nusa Tenggara, Wakatobi in Southeast Sulawesi, and Morotai in North Maluku.

Well, in 10 destinations “10 New Bali” certainly has a number of tourist attractions that must be visited for Instagramable portrait hunters. Here we gather 10 Instagramble tourism objects in 10 destinations “new bali.

  1. Bukit Panatapan Huta Hinjang, Lake Toba

On Bukit Huta Hinjang, you can see views of Lake Toba. Previously, you would be taken through a winding road and not much uneven before landing on Bukit Huta Ginjang. On this hill, tourists can see Samosir Island and Sibandang. You can just sit to feel the scenery while hunting portrait that is Instagramable. You can take pictures with views of Lake Toba. Another portrait spot to choose from is standing on the take off platform against a backdrop of trees in a hill valley.

  1. Lengkuas Island Beach, Bangka Belitung Islands

Well, tourist sites that are not less beautiful than the beaches in Bali are Lengkuas Island Beach. There, we not only see clean beach sand but there are black granite rocks that stretch and lighthouses. Granite rocks at Pulau Lengkuas Beach can become Instagramable portrait spots. You can pose while standing on a rock, sitting on a rock, or standing on a sidelines of a rock, or standing against a lighthouse background.

  1. Tanjung Lesung Beach, Banten

Banten has a Tanjung Lesung that is ready to pamper us with various Instagramable portrait spots. Once you enter the Tanjung Lesung location, you can immediately pick up photos to be uploaded to Instagram. You can stand in the middle of the road leading to the entrance of Tanjung Lesung tourist area which is overgrown with trees. In addition, we can also take pictures at the tourist location of Tanjung Lesung like on the beach, on the sea threshold, or at other portrait spots. The scenery offered is sea, white sand or green trees. we can also combine views of the sea and trees to make the portrait more colorful.

  1. Tidung Island, Thousand Islands

The Thousand Islands offers thousands of beauties that can be tried for Instagram portrait hunters. You can choose the islands in the Thousand Islands to hunt for portraits and upload them to Instagram.One island that can be visited and is quite popular among backpackers is Tidung Island. There, you can find the beauty of the blue shades of sea water that is ready to spoil your eyes. Of course, you can take pictures on the Love Bridge that connects Little Tidung Island and Tidung Island. You can stand on the bridge or take pictures with the background of the sea.

  1. Borobudur Temple Tourism Park Complex, Central Java

For those who like habits but don’t want to miss Instagramable photos, you can come to the location of Borobudur Temple, Magelang, Central Java. In addition to being able to get Instagramable portraits, you can get historical stories and unique habits to give through Instagram. You can come to temples near Borobudur Temple like Prambanan, and Ratu Boko. In the temples, you can take poses against the background of the temples during the day or morning.

  1. Puncak B29, Bromo Tengger Semeru, East Java

The tourism object that is being “hit” at the location of Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park, East Java is B29 Lumajang. At B29, tourists can climb to the top and find views of Mount Bromo from different angles. The right time to move to B29 is just before sunrise. In addition to an attractive color composition, tourists can get natural light.

  1. Seger Beach, Mandalika, West Nusa Tenggara

Seger Beach is part of the Mandalika tourism area in Central Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. The Seger Beach area is still on the same line as Kuta Beach Lombok. There, you can climb the hill near Seger Beach. The view that can be seen is the white sand of Kuta Beach. The right time to move to Seger Beach is late afternoon. You can enjoy the state of “golden hour” and take pictures of the sunset.

  1. Pink Beach, Labuhan Bajo, East Nusa Tenggara

The Pink Beach tourism object in Labuhan Bajo, East Nusa Tenggara is certainly not to be missed for the holidays. From the name, you can guess the characteristics of the beach. Yes, the beach sand is pink. You can take pictures with the background of the pink shades of beach sand and blue sea. Blend shades of pink and blue will enhance your portrait cool.

  1. Wakatobi, Southeast Sulawesi

Well, Wakatobi is a tourist destination that must enter the arrangement of your tourist destination. Besides being rich in marine beauty, Wakatobi has a myriad of locations that can be visited for photo hunting. There are attractions like the Peak of Jamakara, Kaledupa. There, you can enjoy views of the Wakatobi sea from a height.

  1. Dodola Beach, Morotai, North Maluku

Now it’s time to go to eastern Indonesia. You can choose Dodola Beach in North Maluku for a holiday location. There, you can get Instagramable photos because of the view of the white sand beach and the gradation of the color of the sea water. Well, if the sea water is receding we can also take pictures in the sand that connects big Dodola and small Dodola.


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